Our selection of gold plated jewellery is a nice alternative to our Gold assortment, only with a much lower price range. You can rely on an excellent quality of our gold plated jewellery, as our customer’s satisfaction is more than important to us. Our choice of gold plated jewellery contains shimmering treasures like chains, bracelets and ankle chains as well as beautiful rings with and without zirconia and other jewels.

Some valuable information about gold plated jewellery

For you to have a better comprehension about gold plated jewellery, we will give you a few details about the processing and the gold plated jewellery characteristics. The gold plating ususally is an alloy of different metals, for the only reason that pure gold has a very limited conductivity and can therefore not be electrolytically applied on other metal material. The gold plated material of our jewellery is usually brass or tombac. These metal atoms naturally diffuse into the gold plating and a reaction, as for instance tarnishing, is therefore unavoidable. However, since we are very considered about the quality of our jewellery and we have learned much about gold plated materiel throughout the years we can ensure you, that the life span of a jewellery piece, until it starts tarnishing, is at least two years! The thickness of the gold plating is stated in Milliém (manner of writing, e.g.: 10/000). Therefore, a gold plated chain, which weighs e.g. 100 g and has a plating of 40/000 Milliém, consists of 4 g of fine gold.

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